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equall works anytime, anywhere, from almost any smartphone or device. As a business, working with equall, we can help you identify and resolve your discrimination issues in just a few simple steps.

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Moving Beyond Discrimination

Beyond being ‘what you should do’, providing an inclusive environment can help to decrease staff turnover, increase productivity and even drive your business forward.

Unseen discrimination can be corrosive to teams and businesses as a whole.  Let us help you identify hotspots and resolve grievances – before they become an issue.

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Be a better business with Equall


Real-time, early identification of discrimination is key to a successful resolution. Let us help you - before it becomes a major issue.​


Research shows taking a pro-active approach to discrimination prevention can accelerate your business. It can help you attract, and most importantly keep, the best talent around.

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Providing a platform that your team trusts, removes barriers to highlighting issues and provides you with valuable information you might not otherwise get.


Your trust is everything to us. Together we can resolve grievances and build your workplace into an innovative space.

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The Equall Badge

As an employer, displaying the equall badge intrinsically exhibits to potential candidates, your team and the rest of the world a number of cultural factors that you, as an organisation commit to.

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Why should you listen?

Discrimination is – simply put – the difference in treatment a person receives based on varying personal characteristics. These can include factors associated with race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, political affiliation and more broadly a person's origin.

Far beyond the recruitment stage, people are starting to acknowledge that discrimination can permeate through every stage of a person’s career. Access to training, promotions, incentives and even being offered the ability to retire are a number of formal factors that can be affected.

Beyond systemic discrimination, informal workplace discrimination can have much farther reaching roots. As many will know it can permeate the simple daily dynamics of many workplace interactions.

Growing awareness of how discrimination affects both individual people, employee happiness and productivity needs to be married with the realisation of how it can affect businesses as a whole. Inclusivity not only improves the lives of the individual but also actively fosters creativity and innovation.

Talk to one of our team about how equall could help your business today.

How do we help?

Early Identification

By breaking down barriers equall empowers employees to log instances of discrimination at anytime, anywhere, directly from their smartphone. By removing traditional communication barriers using equall you will know your employees discrimination issues faster – before they have time to permeate through the organisation to others or build emotional scars on individuals.

Open Communication

With anonymous messaging when an employee logs an issue your relevant team member or HR team will have access to the information in real-time. equall's anonymous messaging function allows you to communicate with this member of the team to find out more and to address the issue, quickly.

Our software gives you in depth view of everything you do

Unrivalled Insight

A workplace seen to be actively sitting up and taking notice is better than one ignoring the issues all together. Listening to what your employees have to say using an anonymous and secure platform will give you unrivalled insight into what your team are really thinking and feeling.

Foster Inclusivity

One of the biggest costs to businesses today is knowledge walking out the door – inclusivity will help you reduce staff turnover. By embracing inclusivity you will reduce staff turnover and have a healthier, happier team. This will drive innovation and productivity amongst your team. As word spreads that you are an inclusive and forward thinking organisation you will attract more of the best and most diverse talent – driving your business forward even further – considerably faster than those left on the side-lines.